Trading Course

We are pleased to announce that WVMA will be offering an 8-week intensive course on trading! It will be held every Sunday by Br. Monis Mohammed, a stock investor with over 20 years of experience. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your financial knowledge!

The following  information will be covered:
1. Pre-req-all about charts and brokers
    Trading vs investing
     Building a repeatable process and to guide yourself
2. Swing /position trading through a risk management lens
    How to treat your trading like a business
3.  Entry and stop dynamics
4.  Top down market analysis
5.  Finding relative strength
     When to get aggressive and when to be defensive
6.  Spotting and executing key setups
7.  Entry patterns
8.  Benefits and methods for trading with a full time job
The content will be interactive and will use real time market data.