Bringing Palestine Solidarity to Your Tech Workplace, Part 1 (Virtual)

As the genocide in Gaza continues, more and more tech workers are looking for ways to bring Palestine solidarity to their workplaces. But what to do if your company isn’t actively doing business with the Israeli military? The ongoing Palestine liberation movement teaches us that war profiteering, imperialism, and militarism are the bedrock of occupation in Palestine and elsewhere. By bringing their Palestine solidarity to their workplaces, tech workers are engaging their leadership and co-workers to examine the tech industry’s complicity. Part 1: Engaging Your Leadership (Feb 12 @ 5pm pst) – A panel of tech workers from 3 differently-sized companies to share their experiences and reflections on engaging their executive leadership Part 2: How to Talk about Palestine at Work (Feb 17 @ 10:30am pst) – A tech worker-led teach-in on the talking points of bringing Palestine to work. Co-sponsored with the West Valley Muslim Association. IRL attendance available for Bay Area residents.


Feb 12 2024


5:00 pm

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