Ramadan with WVMA

First night of taraweeh prayer will be Sunday, March 10th, 2024  after Isha at Los Gatos Islamic Center (16769 Farley Rd, Los Gatos) and Prospect Center (19848 Prospect Rd, Saratoga).

First day of fasting will be on Monday, March 11th, 2024.

Community Iftars will be on Saturdays the first being on March 16th at Prospect Center. Click here for more details on community iftars. 

Daily Iftars will be held at LGIC on Monday through Friday exclusively for singles, converts, students, and travelers.

Eid will be on Wednesday, April 10th, 2024 (in accordance with the Fiqh Council of North America).

Iftar Sponsorship

Giving towards iftar not only means another person can share in Ramadan’s blessings but it also doubles the reward of your own fast.

Volunteer this Ramadan

Now is the perfect time to give back through service to your community. There are various tasks and plenty of opportunities for everyone. Let’s start this blessed month in pleasing Allah by serving others and spreading kindness. Get your entire family involved and reap the blessings together!

Fresh Medjool Dates

Looking to get your hands on the freshest, most delicious dates this Ramadan? Look no further! WVMA has you covered with our exclusive selection straight from the bountiful Coachella Valley. Purchase a box today and ensure your money is spent wisely! Also, consider donating a box and experience the joy of breaking someone’s fast. Reserve a box today at bit.ly/wvma-halaldates.

Programs and Events

We are excited to offer a wide variety of programming and events this Ramadan for the entire community. Click here to view all our wonderful programs and events we have planned inshAllah. 

Support WVMA

This Ramadan, we’re inviting you to be among those who sustain the masjid. As every righteous act is multiplied tenfold, seize the opportunity to contribute $10 a day and gain infinite blessings, benefits, and rewards! We welcome and appreciate any daily pledge, recognizing everyone’s varying financial circumstances.

 There are so many other ways to give back to WVMA.

Click here for more details.

It’s also a great time to renew your WVMA membership if you haven’t already!