As of Sunday Nov 5th, 2023 the time for Asr prayer comes in before 3:30pm.  With this time change, our 3:30pm khutbah on Fridays does not fall within Dhuhr prayer time.  It is important to make note that anyone who has the ability to perform the Friday prayers before 3:30pm must attend an earlier time.  For sisters who do not have to come to Friday prayers but do attend the 3:30pm khutbah, please make sure to pray Dhuhr prayer before attending. 


The 3:30pm timing is only for those people who have no other way to attend Friday prayers at their scheduled times.  This program was set particularly for young students who otherwise would miss the experience of this blessed communal worship.  We encourage parents to bring their school aged children to the 3:30pm khutbah but also caution all parents to attend an earlier khutbah to fulfill their own religious obligation.


The Imam for the 3:30pm khutbah will usually pray with the intention of a Nafl (voluntary) prayer.  The permissibility of this 3:30pm khutbah time is derived from a fatwa based on the opinion in Maliki Fiqh that in a time of need, when there is no other choice, one can pray Jumma even if the time of Asr prayer has entered.


Please be mindful that the 3:30pm timing will only suffice the obligation for those who have a valid need and cannot attend at the regular Friday prayer time.


The above religious opinion was researched and implemented with guidance from Shaykh Alauddin ElBakri.  If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email [email protected].