ALIF (Active Learning in Faith) Sunday School

Empowering Young Hearts, Nurturing Strong Souls: Our Vision for ALIF

At ALIF, we envision a nurturing and inclusive community where young minds embark on a journey of faith, knowledge and character development. Our vision is to inspire a generation of confident and strong youth who feel empowered to learn and live the principles of Islam. 


Through engaging lessons, interactive activities and a supportive community, we strive to instill a deep love for Allah, His Messenger and Prophets within the hearts of our students and build a strong connection with their Muslim identity.  

Fostering Faith, Illuminating Minds: Our Mission at ALIF

The mission of ALIF is to provide a nurturing and enriching educational environment that cultivates a deep understanding and practice of Islamic principles, values and teachings among students and community using engaging lessons that incorporate nature and play. 


ALIF is committed to providing a comprehensive and enriching learning experience that encompasses various facets of faith, character development and community service and engagement. While we hold these values at the core of our mission, it is important to note that our curriculum does not include instruction in the Arabic language or Quranic recitation. Instead we prioritize fostering a deep understanding and strong application of Islamic principles and virtues and empowering our students to become informed and conscientious Muslims who positively impact the world around them.  

ALIF welcomes students of ages 4 to 18 years, fostering a holistic educational journey that spans from childhood to adolescence. With a commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, our school requires no prior knowledge or prerequisites and will offer financial aid to those who qualify. Every eager learner is invited to join our community. 

To apply to become a teacher at ALIF (paid), please click here.


Class Schedule

All classes will be held on Sundays at WVMA. The schedule is as follows:

Time: 10am to 12:30pm

Session Break: A short break will be provided during the session to allow students to refresh and recharge before continuing with their learning journey. 

A class calendar will be sent out on the first day of school. 

Level 1: Seeds (Ages 4-6)

Theme: Exploring the Wonders of Allah’s Creations

This theme focuses on introducing students to the concept of Allah as the Creator and showcasing the beauty and diversity of the world around them. Through this theme, students can develop an understanding of their place in the world as part of Allah’s creation, while also learning the foundations of Islamic values, teachings and practices. Lessons and activities will revolve around nature, animals, plants and the importance of gratitude and kindness in our interactions with Allah’s creations. This theme encourages a sense of wonder, curiosity and appreciation of Allah’s blessings and provides a strong foundation for their spiritual and ethical growth. 

Level 2: Roots (Ages 7-9)

Theme: Strong Faith and Strong Character

This theme focuses on building strong foundations of faith and strong foundations of character by using the stories of the Prophets to teach students the importance of values, virtues and ethical principles. Each Prophet’s story can be used as a platform to discuss moral dilemmas, decision making and the importance and application of these values in their own lives. This theme will not only impart Islamic teachings but also help students develop a solid moral foundation and understanding of the significance of character development in their lives as Muslims.

Level 3: Sprouts (Ages 10-12)

Theme: We are Muslims; Discovering our Identity

This theme focuses on students exploring and understanding their roles and responsibilities as Muslims in the world. Through this theme, students can delve into various aspects of their identity, including their faith, values and contributions to their communities. The theme introduces and encourages critical thinking and self-reflection. By empowering students to embrace their identity and make positive contributions, this theme supports their holistic development as confident, informed and responsible young Muslims


Level 4: Stems (Ages 13-15)

Theme: Navigating Faith

This theme is designed to build on the foundations of students’ faith and explore how faith can help in navigating the unique challenges and complexities that teenagers face as they grow and mature in a rapidly changing world. It provides students an opportunity to explore their Islamic faith, identity and values. This theme will empower students to confidently navigate their faith and identity while remaining true to their Islamic values. It encourages critical thinking, open dialog and self-reflection as students develop a deeper understanding of their roles as young Muslims in the modern world. 


Level 5: Harvest (Ages 16-18)

Theme: Maintaining Momentum; Preparing for Adulthood with Faith, Purpose and Service 

This theme is designed to guide older students through the transformative phase in their lives as they transition into adulthood and take on more significant responsibilities. This theme emphasizes the importance of understanding one’s purpose as a Muslim, finding alignment between faith and life goals and contributing positively to their communities and living purposeful lives. It will empower students to confidently embark on their adult journeys while upholding their faith and values. Students will also be responsible for their own learning journey by focusing on areas that they would like to deep dive into. Students will leave this program knowing that life as a Muslim is a life of learning and practicing.