In light of the recent escalation of violence in Palestine, it is essential for our community to be educated and well-equipped to advocate sensibly and safely.

What can you do to help?

Educate yourself

Palestine in a Nutshell by AMP

The Palestine Academy 

This is Palestine Podcast

The Thinking Muslim Podcast: Gaza Resistance and Betrayal with Sami Hamdi

Mawlawi’s Guide to Ghazzah

5 things you need to know about the latest violence in Palestine

Know your Rights: Guide to Protesting & Community Safety (CAIR California) 

See how your tax dollars could be used in your community instead of on weapons to Israel

Know what Israeli Products to Boycott

Haymarket Books Free Ebooks on Palestine

Films about Palestine

Speak to your children about it

How to Talk to Your Kids About Palestine/Israel and the Resistance Movement – A Resource Guide  (By Eram Uddin)

Your Kids’ questions on Israeli-Palestinian violence answered 

How do we Talk to our Children about Palestine 

Let’s Learn about Palestine Bundle (Kids 5-7+)

Speak up NOW using the Tools below! 

US Campaign for Palestinian Rights action toolkit for call scripts to Representatives and Senators. Please call & email daily!

“Ceasefire Now” by Reps Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush 

Send Letters to tell Congress to Sanction Israeli Apartheid 

Sign a Petition to tell Congress Now to Stop Arming Israel 

Take Action Now with CAIR – Click & Send

Call on Congress to Demand an IMMEDIATE Ceasefire in Gaza

Tell Congress: Stop Fueling the Gaza Genocide

Report Media Bias and Misinformation

How to Respond When Your School or Employer Releases a Biased Statement About Israel and Palestine (CAIR California) 

Only donate through credible, registered charities

Islamic Relief USA

Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

Zakat Foundation of America


Palestine Deaf Campaign 

Doctors Without Borders

Helping Hand



Makes lots of Duas and Prayers 

Prayer of the Oppressed 

Reflection and Dua for Palestine by Dr. Omar Suleiman

Accounts to follow on Social Media

eye.on.palestine (Instagram, Facebook, TikTokTwitter)

middleeasteye (InstagramFacebook, TikTok & Twitter)

theimeu (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter)

aymanm (Instagram & Twitter)

ahmedhijazee (Instagram)

letstalkpalestine (Instagram)

middleeastmonitor (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & Twitter)

Khaled Beydoun (Instagram, Twitter)

ampalestine (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

motaz_azaiza (Instagram)

almedeldin (Instagram)

sheikh.jpg (Instagram, TikTok)

mohammedelkurd (Instagram, Twitter)

the.reality.of.palestine (Instagram)

theslowfactory (Instagram)

visualizing_palestine (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)


WVMA Events for Palestine (Past and Current)

Protests & Teach-ins  in the Bay Area