Eid Ul Adha is on Sunday, June 16th.

We are please to announce that there will a Eid prayer at Vallco parking garage in Cupertino and an earlier Eid prayer at Saratoga Musalla.
Saratoga Musalla Eid Prayers: 
– Br. Zaid Syed at 6:00am
– Dr. Mohammad Nadeem at 7:30am, takbeerat at 7:00am. Registeration required at bit.ly/wvma-eid1 

Bowlmor parking garage: Imam Fuad Mohammed at 9:00am, takbeerat at 8:30am.  Register at bit.ly/wvma-eid2.

  • Registration is required for the first eid prayer that will take place at Saratoga Musalla due to limited space.
  • There will be ample parking at the Vallco parking garage but we still encourage people to carpool.
  • Takbeerat begin 30 minutes before the eid prayer time, so please arrive early.
  • Prayer will be outdoors. Please bring a prayer rug. It will most likely be sunny so come prepared.
  • Bring your own water bottle.
  • Snacks and treats will be distributed after Eid prayer.
  • Enjoy the morning of Eid with your loved ones by following the sunnahs of Eid
  • Recite the takbeerat together on your way to prayers.
  • Eid prayer is two Rakahs offered in congregation and is followed by the Khutbah. Read this short guide how to perform Eid prayer. 
We also look forward to seeing you at the Eid festival in the same location from 10:30am – 12:30pm inshaAllah!