From Siraat to Stanford


🌱 Join the Siraat community on Tuesday May 14th at the Stanford University Encampment for our Pathways session, “From Siraat to Stanford: Civil Disobedience in Islam”, with Amir Sundiata Rashid.

⏰ We will be meeting at White Plaza at 6:30pm and the halaqa will begin promptly at 7:00pm.

🚗 While Siraat will not be organizing an individual carpool system, please feel free to reach out to other community members for means of transportation. While we have a listed time of 7pm, we urge to stay as long as you can to support the protestors.

⚠️ Please remember to bring appropriate footwear, outerwear, and reusable water bottles. In addition, please remember to exercise reasonable caution when attending the encampments in order to safeguard your and the students’ safety. We encourage you to use your judgement appropriately and soundly.



May 14 2024


6:30 pm
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