Daily Singles Iftar

The WVMA is blessed to host daily Iftars for those who live in the area without family near by.   Year after year these daily Iftars serve to bring community members together and provide iftar, dinner, and companionship to those who live alone.  These Iftars provide a home and away from for beloved members of our community. We invite you to increase in your rewards this Ramadan by helping sponsor at least one daily iftar.  As you know, the reward for feeding those who are fasting is invaluable.

You can contribute through a monetary donation to cover the cost of one iftar ($1000 can feed about 60 people).  Or you can contribute with a home cooked meal for these individuals (meals must provide enough food for 60 people, and we encourage individuals to partner with friends and family for home cooked meals).

Sponsorship link at bit.ly/wvma-dailyiftars



Apr 20 2023


7:00 pm


Los Gatos Islamic Center, 16769 Farley Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95032
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